The Bathroom at Vikasa Vidya Vanam

The Bathroom where we live.

by kavi
img_4682Spraying my butt.

In India there often isn’t toilet paper. Instead there is a jet water sprayer. You point the sprayer at your butt and pull the trigger. You use your other hand to wash the poop off your butthole. Then you are stuck with a poopy water wet butt.

I like toilet paper better, but I think spraying is much cleaner.


the towel is made out of handkerchief or napkin material.


In India people have a different idea of towels. Instead of soaking up the water, towels just spread it around. You just rub the water around everywhere until it evaporates.

Hot bath in the morning.

In the morning I often have a hot bucket bath. But first you have to heat up the water by using a heating wand. You stick it in the water and turn it on. After about 10 minutes, the water is hot. You take a little bucket to pour the hot water on yourself.

According to my dad, “The slower you pour, the more wet you get.”

This is the electric heating wand we use to heat our water for a warm bucket bath.

Cold shower in the evening.

Everyday after sports I look forward to having a cold shower after getting sweaty and hot. I think it is super refreshing and cleans off all your sweat. The only problem is that afterwards you have to use a “spreader” to dry yourself off.


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