Some Beautiful Things

by martha


There are so many beautiful things all the time. At home when we’re camping, we like to encourage the kids to make “ephemeral nature art.” It occurs to me that here, there is a lot of ephemeral art–people make aesthetically pleasing things all the time. It’s like the barista who makes a beautiful heart-shaped swirl in your cappuccino foam. The number one example would be the beautiful new designs in white chalk that are made outside a door step every morning. At least traditionally. Nowadays, a lot of people have some designs permanently painted. During Sankranthi, which is coming in January, a woman will make even more intricate and colored designs for the season. I will surely share those when we get there.


Anyway, my inspiration here is the way the students covered their small amphitheater, used for morning meetings, with a mixture of cow dung and clay. They do this once a year then paint it in white. It will slowly wear and wash away over the year, and they’ll do it again next year for their annual open house…

Here are a few more beautiful things I have seen. Just a random selection…


4 thoughts on “Some Beautiful Things

  1. Beauty ~ the great assuager to soothe our troubled souls. Thanks so much – these are beautiful. What is the shell sculpture made of? clay? it’s remarkable.


  2. The shell was made by a student in clay class. The clay teacher comes once a week and works with the kids. He has taught them how to dig up the clay straight from the earth and mix in sand to make the right consistency. So simple and cool.


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