Remembering Viswam Parimi

Babu Parimi (L), S.R. Parimi (C), Viswam Parimi (R)

by Martha and Gopal

Yesterday, or friend, Viswam Parimi (pictured here on the right of his two brothers, Babu Parimi (L) and S.R. Parimi (C)) passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer soon after we arrived and has been staying in Jabilli, our home in India, surrounded by friends and family.

During our 2000/2001 trip, Martha and I spent time working at an organisation founded by Viswam Uncle called Vikasa, which works with fisherfolks, poor farmers and Adivasi communities on land rights, agroecology and sustainable development. His organisation also works against mining in the state, in support of and with impacted communities.

He was an incredibly loving, humble and committed person. He had a quite way about him, but his work speaks for itself: he has supported thousands of Adivasi farmers in gaining control of their land and has supported the development of farmers cooperatives and much more. He was fiercely committed to serving the people.

We love and appreciate him and will miss him dearly.


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