Happy New Year from Mauritius

by Martha

We enjoyed a lively New Years Eve last night on the beach of Blue Bay. The supermarkets have been selling copious amounts of fireworks, so we were not surprised that the beach was totally lit up with light and sound at midnight. We participated too and mightily enjoyed it.

A couple days ago we took a drive around the southern part of the island. Here are a few images from Ganga Talao, a Hindu temple.

We have been swimming and snorkeling a lot too. This is the view from our rental house, onto Blue Bay, where there is a marine park. We have seen lots of fish, plus eels, two lion fish, and a Hawksbill Sea Turtle. So excellent! And thanks to Jini and Antoine for bringing snorkeling gear for everyone. We have not taken good pictures of everyone, so they are missing here from the photo record, but are very much a part of the trip, along with Strahlia.

Ah wait, here it is, I found a picture of Jini and Antoine!


On our last day on the island, we went to a nature reserve called Ile aux Aigrettes. It is a small island that they are trying to replant with¬†all endemic species. One of their projects involves reintroducing a large tortoise (though not the original species of the island, which went extinct.) It was a good experience for all–the kids were engaged, despite intense heat. Here are a few pics.



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