by Ila

You might be thinking that this blog post will be creepy or that it would be better posted near Halloween or you might be thinking this: “First horn-honking and now BONES? This is concerning.” None of those things is true.

So here’s what happened: From Saturday morning to Sunday night, we were in a town called Machilipatnam. Machilipatnam is right off the Bay of Bengal, so we went to the beach. Kavi and Papas went fishing and Mamas and I went on a walk. As we walked along, a lot of little crabs scuttled away from us and into their holes. That’s the end of my post. It is called “Bones” because crabs don’t have bones; they have exoskeletons. Goodbye.


JUST KIDDING!!!!! The crabs are irrelevant. If this blog post was about crabs and their lack of bones, I’d call the post “Exoskeletons.” I only included the crabs to trick you! The real bones come up later.

Anyway, as Mamas and I were walking down the beach, she noticed something. It was a sea turtle shell!


Mamas and I examined it for awhile, then went running back to Kavi and Papas to boast of our adventure. But little did we know that was only the beginning.

The next day, we took a boat to a beach on an island. On the beach, we saw two things: a whale bone and another sea turtle. We didn’t know what bone the whale bone was. Papas thought it was a vertebrae, which I also thought it looked like. Another person thought it was from the head.img_7141                    img_7140

He also said that the whale that the bone came from was 50 feet long, which I can believe. The other thing we saw was a sea turtle skeleton. Unlike the one Mamas and I saw, this was a full skeleton with a skull and flippers. It was really cool.

img_7144                img_7145

That was all the bones we saw. So this blog post is over, I guess. If you want you can pretend I had a better conclusion. Write it in your head and post it in a comment. The ending, not your head.


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