Our First Two Days In Thailand

by Ila

Yesterday afternoon (as of when this was written), we arrived in Phuket, Thailand. After two flights on Air Asia (cramped, fake video screens, no blankets on 11:55 PM India time to 6:00 AM Malaysia time flight), we arrived in Phuket. We then took a taxi ride, which was more luxurious, than the flight to our hotel, Khao Lak Forest Resort. It is very nice. Here are some pictures of our rooms.

A really cool thing about our rooms is that one of them has a deck that goes right out to a wading pool. There is also a swimming pool, but the water is FREEZING. Once you get adjusted to it, though, it’s really nice. At night, the pool lights come on, and they actually change color between blue and green.

On our first day in Thailand, we arrived in the afternoon, so by the time we had settled in to our rooms, we were ready for an early dinner. After our dinner, we swam in the pool.

On our second day (today), we had our hotel breakfast, which was impressive. It had many options, including heart-shaped waffles; bacon; eggs, both scrambled and fried; pancakes; muffins and danish pastries. After eating, we went to a beach called White Sand Beach. At the beach, we collected shells and swam in the water. We also tested a new snorkel which, unlike our others, is a full face mask. We liked it, but the water was too murky to see anything. After the beach, where we had lunch, we swam in the pool. Then we bathed. Then we went to dinner. That brings us up to the time when I am writing this.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Valentines Day!



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