By Martha

Wow. We have been having a whirlwind time visiting Thailand and Cambodia. (Traveling is such hard work. Poor us!) We have barely had time to download pictures onto the computer and put them in a post.

I also just read Ila’s blog post about arriving in Thailand. Lots of rich details about the hotel, which, indeed we liked. Ha.

These past four days we have been in Siem Reap Cambodia, famous for the Angkor Wat temples. We ourselves have taken hundreds of pictures here, between the six of us. And we are just a tiny grain of sand compared to the thousands of tourists from all over who come here. Truly a staggering number of tourists and their cameras. If you’ve been to Angkor Wat, I’ll spare you too many photos…



Here Ila and Kavi are falling off of Angkor Wat. That probably summarizes their feeling about seeing so many temples. How about a photo montage?


Ila likes the cats of Asia. Kavi likes going on boat rides….

Before coming to Cambodia, we spent four days in Khao Lake, Thailand, which was wonderful. Here again is a photo montage. Thailand was not long enough, and involved a boat trip for snorkeling; a temple tour; fishing; tuktuk rides; an elephant encounter; waterfalls; fishing; the beach, and of course our wonderful hotel….


Here is Kavi with his fishing catch:


Today, Rao and Suvarna are heading back to India. The kids and Gopal and I are going to a Cambodian island, Koh Rong Sanloem for four days before we head back. Then two more weeks in India and we’ll be coming home. Love to you all in the USA!


One thought on “Cambodia

  1. I am enjoying your posts very much. A real antidote to the hellacious state of this country. I love living vicariously through you all. LOVED Ila’s description of the travel experience – from the ridiculous to the sublime!


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