So Long to Our Home Away from Home

by Martha

We recently had our last visit to Vijayawada, India, which has been our home away from home. We will be taking a short trip to the state of Sikkim, India then back to Hyderabad where we board our flight home. We leave India on March 14 and we arrive in San Francisco on March 15.

We said goodbye to the Living School at Nekkalam–the boarding school set in a mango orchard. Here are a few shots of our last day. Those of you with a keen eye will recognize that as a parting gift, we introduced the kids to two of our favorite games–Wig Out and Rat-A-Tat Cat. The students enthusiastically got involved. This of course is one of our favorite things about kids in India…enthusiasm and game-playing!

We also said our goodbyes at Jabilli, our home base in town, home of Hema and SR Parimi and their extended family and friends. While we are looking forward to heading home, we have so many dear friends in India who we will miss. We have been forming relationships with these people for about twenty years, coming to visit sporadically, but always coming back to open arms. We are truly so fond of them and so appreciative of all they have done for us. We have had an incredible and wonderful trip here.



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