my fish in Asia and Africa

by Kavi

Over the past few months, I have been doing a little bit of fishing in Asia and Africa (Mauritius)–mostly saltwater and some freshwater. I want to put this out for the record – I’ve caught fish in every country I’ve been to, and I hope I don’t have to make any exceptions.

The first fish I caught were in Mauritius, which is a small island off the east coast of Africa. First, I caught fish with a water bottle, line, hook and a little bit of bread. They were all small, so we didn’t take any pictures. Then I caught a dorado, which is a kind of mahi-mahi. We went on a fancy charter-boat that was six hours, one fish and a lot of barfing (from sea sickness). My aunt Jini (who I call JinAtha) made a delicious coconut stew with my fish… only a fraction of it, of course. We gave half of it away to some Mauritian friends we met.



(Above) Fifteen pound Mahi Mahi

When we got back to India, we went to a village for Sankranthi, which is an Indian holiday. The people there had a pond that had something similar to bluegill and a variety of sizes of carp. I caught two carp alone using a stick, rope, a hook and bread. Using the same setup, I caught a little bluegill type fish. I also helped catch many more with some other people with a net. I helped scare the fish into the net, while the other people pulled the net around. We ate the carp.


Last month we went to Thailand and Cambodia. In Thailand, we on a local traditional long tail boat around the Andaman Sea. I caught one 12 inch fish that was similar to a bonita. And I also caught a very big wahoo, almost as big as me (with a little help from the crew and my dad and my grandfather, who I call Tatha). Me and my father decided it was one of our best fishing trips we have ever gone on and our best ocean fishing trip by far. We had no sea sickness at all and it was nice to be on a local boat. Here are two pictures from that trip:


From Thailand we went to Cambodia. We didn’t do much fishing there, but we caught a lot of little fish that I think look like sheepshead. We also took another traditional boat that wasn’t as fun, but we did catch fish. Here I am hand line fishing.



One thought on “my fish in Asia and Africa

  1. Kai: WOW! What fishing adventures. Except for the barfing it all sounds great. I can’t wait to hear you tell me your stories. The only fishing I’ve done here is buying some petrale sole at the Safeway last week. But…I do have a new fishing license so I look forward to some fishing with you this summer. GranDan


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